Container Contents

A customer always retains complete, and unconditional ownership, and responsibility for all tangible personal property and debris placed into the RARE shipping container.  At no time does RARE accept ownership or responsibility for any tangible personal property or debris placed into RARE’s shipping container by a customer or any third party.

Transportation and Hazardous Materials

RARE agrees to transport said tangible personal property and debris placed into the shipping container by a customer or third party to an agreed-to and approved destination.  RARE will not knowingly transport hazardous materials and non-permitted objects such as but not limited to: radioactive, volatile, flammable, explosive, toxic, liquid, corrosive, asbestos, and medical waste objects, animal carcasses, batteries, propane tanks, and hazardous materials listed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  Materials such as dirt, rock, and concrete require prior approval and may impose additional hauling and disposal fees. Tangible property or debris may not exceed the sidewall height of the container.

Access, Damage and Limitation of Liability

Customer agrees to provide unobstructed access for delivery and pick-up of the requested shipping container.  Access and placement must be sufficient to bear the total weight of the requested shipping container before and after loading of tangible personal property and debris. RARE assumes no responsibility for any damage that may result from placement of the container on any surface.

pricing and payment

Customer agrees to pay RARE a fee for container rental and transportation.  Payment is required either prior to, or at the time of delivery of the container.  Any additional fees incurred after delivery of the container will be billed at either the conclusion of the rental or during a subsequent emptying or exchange of the container.  Credit card, debit card or check are accepted forms of payment.  

Commercial Pricing (requires minimum bi-weekly service)
10 Yard - $23014 Yard - $26520 Yard - $350

Residential Pricing
First Week is Free! | $2 Per Day Thereafter* 14-day maximum before initiating new term.
10 Yard - $245
14 Yard - $280
20 Yard - $365

Location Obstruction - $150
• Obstructions preventing the placement or pickup of a container, per incident
• Filling container past sides/over top. May require customer to unload overfill to allow container removal

Moving Fee - $250
Unauthorized movement or requested movement fee, per incident

Cancellation Fee - $25
Fee incurred for any cancellation with less than 24-hour advance notice of delivery or service of container

Hazardous and Prohibited Materials - $200
Any fines incurred, all clean up and repair of canister as a result of incident

Additional Tonnage - $90 per ton up to 5 tons; $150 per ton thereafter.
Maximum weight permitted in RARE containers is 2.5 tons for 10 and 14 yard containers and 3 tons for 20 yard containers. Customer is required to either remove excess weight or be charged agreed upon additional tonnage. Any damage made to RARE containers or hauling equipment resulting from overloading will be repaired at customer expense.

Out of Area Fee – Not to Exceed 60 Miles
$30 for travel in excess of 30-40 miles; $60 for travel in excess of 40-60 miles from RARE headquarters

White Goods - $25 additional per item

Tires - $20 flat rate per tire

** Please allow 24 hours to schedule pickup or delivery of your container Monday – Friday **

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